BFC: rules of the game

Your term for underwear says a lot about the person you are

If you say: Chaddi-bra
You’re probably: straight off the train from the hinterland

If you say: Innerwear
You’re probably: in the retail sector

If you say: Thongs
You’re probably: wearing thongs right now

If you say: Unmentionables
You’re probably: a hypocrite. If you don’t want to mention it in the first place, why bring it up?

If you say:

You’re probably: someone who owns only tighty whities

If you say: Linger-eee
You’re probably: also saying Channel, Hurrms, ElVee and Tawds, while wondering why you’re not invited to the really good parties

If you say: Lingerie
You’re probably: okay with spending a little more for ribbons, colour, lace and gauzy fabric

If you say: Knickers
You’re probably: 80 years old

If you say: Commando
You’re probably: cooler than what we’re feeling right now!

From HT Brunch, June 16
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