Breakfast of Champions: Things You Should Have Heard About

The best and the worst of this season!

Love it
Aloo parathas. And achaar. And dahi. Deadly combo, eh?
Dancing in baraats. To the cheesiest of filmy songs
Muesli cakes as gifts. We’re health freaks here. *cough cough*
BackstreetqrBackstreet’s back, awright! (Some of us love the ’90s, okay?)

Shove it
Post-Diwali blues
Match-fixing bans lifted. But what’s the point when you’re way past your prime??
Matrimonial websites. They don’t work. Honest!
Kids cooking. And competing. Lots of tears and sympathy hugs. Gaaahh!
Wannabe wine experts. Seriously, get a life!


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