Close your eyes and focus

Yoga can help exercise your internal orgnas too

Six reasons why meditation is good for you
It increases your intelligence
Research shows that people who meditate have thicker gray matter than those who don’t.
It can help you stay warm
A study showed that Tibetan monks could increase their body temperature by meditating.
It can help you recover lost memories

When you are first learning to meditate, it takes a while for your mind to calm down enough to actually enter a state of mindfulness. At this time, interesting things can surface.
It can help you day-dream.  And yes, it’s true, day-dreaming is very important for your mental health. It helps you to relax. It is creative. It can trigger great, unexpected ideas.

It can help you sleep. calms the mind and is considered a good treatment for insomnia. And we all know how important sleep is for all of us. It’s like being on vacation
It produces a deep sensation of relaxation.

Five ways to recognise a fake guru
While some people are genuinely spiritual, others are just money-making fakes

He’s got more Rolls Royces than followers.

It takes a lot of money to maintain his ‘simple’ lifestyle.

He recruits followers only in places like Cannes, Las Vegas and Ibiza.

His personal grooming routine could put any Hollywood star to shame.

He’s more ready to talk to the media than to his followers.

He cannot answer a simple question without going round and round in circles.

From HT Brunch, September 29

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