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Going Gangnam

There are viral videos and then there is the Gangnam Style video! It is a K-pop single by Korean musician PSY. The video is a satire on the lavish lifestyles in Seoul’s posh Gangnam district

*Keep your legs slightly apart and bent at the knee, like you’ve mounted a horse

*Maintain a rider’s swagger. Lift your right leg. Don’t forget to lift the imaginary horse’s reins

*Drop the reins and bring your right foot to the floor. Don’t be brash. Do it with ‘some’ style, please

*Time for your left leg now! Lift it and the reins too. You’re riding a horse here, remember?

*Bring your foot down and the reins too. Don’t forget your swagger. Never forget the swagger

Illustration by Prashant Chaudhary

*Now lift your right leg again. Keep at the swagger, please! Get jiggy with it

*Bring the reins and your foot down (yet again). Oops! We forgot to add the flashy sunglasses

*Repeat steps six and seven. Get in the groove. This is the Gangnam style, after all!

*Hey! You have to sing along too! “Oo... sexy lady... op op op op, Oppan Gangnam style!” Thank us online!

Watch the video at

Illustration by Prashant Chaudhary

From HT Brunch, September 30

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