How to dress up for pop culture's dystopian tomorrow

Depending on what you read or watch, we're either headed for war, totalitarian statehood, devolution, revolution, drugs, monkeys or zombies. Come, see the sunniest visions of tomorrow and face them in style.
In Mad Max
It's hard to tell if it's hot or cold. Tina Turner wears chain mail, ventilated for the desert. But it must surely singe sensitive areas when the sun gets hot. Thankfully her shoulder pads offer shade to the shorter people around.

In The Matrix
If preparing for battle, rags and tatters. At battle, PVC suits, black shades, shiny boots and lots of hair gel. There is no other reality.
In The Hunger Games
In the Districts, it's hard to care for fashion when you have to hunt squirrel for the family dinner. People seem to have shopped from the Schindler's List cupboard. But in The Capitol, it's Alice In Wonderland. Neons, fascinators and gowns that change colour. For the Games, wear black. And watch your back.

In V for Vendetta
In the late 2020s, when fascists have taken over the UK, everyone who's a little different (in colour, sexual preference and political leaning) will be hunted. But shave your head, wear shapeless brown singlets and bring down the government, and you've got their vote.
In Divergent

In a post-war Chicago, a grey world where the costumes are less sexy than The Hunger Games, the city looks familiar, except for boxy trains. Heroines wear shapeless linens. But for combat training, the black ganjis and tight fits come out.

In Samurai Jack
In the future, it helps if you're angular, especially if you're battling an enemy from your past. Tie up your hair, tie on your kimono and look angry. And hold on to daddy-san's magic sword!
In Blade Runner
LA of November 2019 looks like Dubai, but with fewer malls and more shoulder-pads. It's probably freezing, seeing the furs around. But if you're hunting humanoid robots, dress like an '80s Humphrey Bogart, flapping trench and all.

In 1Q84
Murakami's book is set in (and pays homage to) George Orwell's 1984. It's Japan. So Aomame is often in a dowdy '80s green miniskirt suit and brown heels. Rihanna shows us that futuristic green suits should look like this.
In Cloud Atlas
If you can make sense of this movie, you can make sense of any future humans are heading towards. If not, put on your uniform, imbibe 'soap', pretend you have no feelings, and make sure the future ahead isn't worse.

In A Clockwork Orange
A night out with the 'droogs' eh? May we suggest all white, with suspenders, a cool black hat and some false lashes framing one eye. All violence is tolerable. Just don't play the Ninth Symphony or someone will start to puke.
In Her
People dress normally, even a little retro, until they fall in love with an operating system. Wear anything, Scarlett Johanson won't judge.

In Aeon Flux
Stretchy leather, high wedges (that serve has chorkhanas for weapons) and short bob-cuts define the future. So make sure your body is perfect and fit. You'll be flung around. A lot.

From HT Brunch, April 20
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