The Brunch book challenge: readers top picks

If you started when we did, you should have finished reading your first book of the year. Most people are already on their second and third (many are on fourths and fifths, some on sevenths and eighths and then there's former deputy editor of Brunch @HappyQueenRose who is on her millionth).

Two weeks into the game, here are some rules (we'll keep adding more, as time goes by)
1. No children's books. It's cute that you're re-reading Enid Blyton as an adult, but it's hardly a challenge.
2. No textbooks. Engineering/GMAT/IAS books are out.
3. Graphic novels are OK, encouraged in fact. Comics? One volume (or a set of five/10) count as a single book.

We're now nearly 400 people strong and last we checked - more than 200 titles down

For the uninitiated
This is the #BrunchBookChallenge. The idea is to read 24 books in 2014. And tweet about your progress (make sure you tag @HTBrunch using the hashtag #BrunchBookChallenge).

From HT Brunch, January 19
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