Kapha Prakriti: know your body type for effective weight loss

The physical constitution of one’s body is believed to be derived from the same elements as in nature.

The beauty of ayurveda is that it links these elements to us in a logical way. Fire has attributes of being hot, so the season that predominantly carries pitta (fire) is summer.


Similarly, foods such as black pepper carry a dominant fire element. Once we understand the basic nature of an element, it is easy to connect it with our environment, space and time. Here are some physical, emotional and mental characteristics that make up the kapha or water body type.

Kapha Prakriti
http://www.hindustantimes.com/Images/popup/2014/6/15.jpgKapha prakriti is the embodiment of the elements of water and earth. It is thus easy to understand the traits of people with kapha constituency if you know their prakriti. Kapha people have a wide bone structure with wide wrists. They tend to have strong joints and bones, and have a tendency to put on weight easily. They have flawless skin, which doesn’t wrinkle easily. 

Kapha bodies, being derived from earth and water energies, have thick and long hair. The teeth are well-formed and are pearly in colour. They take their own time to respond to situations and also take time to take decisions, in comparison to other constitutions. But once they take a decision, they are extremely headstrong about it. Kapha people have a pleasant voice and have great social skills. They build associations and groups easily. People of this constitution take time to learn new activities, but are also blessed with very strong memories. Their calm and tranquil nature is a positive quality though sometimes their emotional nature can give them health problems. They become uncomfortable during winter.

Kapha and weight gain
Kapha people have a natural tendency to put on weight and have to nurture healthy habits to avoid weight gain. People with kapha constitution become unhealthy when they go overboard eating banana, curd, cold drinks, cold water, ice-creams, sugar, sweets, maida, sooji, alcohol, fried food, cream, cheese, milk, wheat and rice.

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