On the Brunch radar


* Breaking Bad final season in a week! (We do hope they all hug it out in the end!)
* Black-and-white photos (Independence Day is around the corner, we’re going to be flooded with those) 
* Reading manuscripts
* Daydreaming about Al Pacino 
* Dirty Pictionary


* The Indian rupee
* Blaming “love affairs” for rising crime in Uttar Pradesh. Good going, National Crime Records Bureau. 
* Salwa-al-Mutairi, the Kuwaiti female politician thinks sex slaves should be legalised so “virile” men don’t engage in “forbidden sexual relations.” Dafuq? 
* If you haven’t read the paper in more than a week 
* India has one of the slowest average Internet speeds in the world

From HT Brunch, August 4

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