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Salman Khan at the launch of Bigg Boss 7.

1. The Love Actually debate (the film completed 10 years and the press went nuts discussing its merits and demerits). We actually loved Love Actually
2. Neil Gaiman reading A Christmas Carol (you must listen to this!)
3. All the stuff that #SalmanTaughtUs
4. That Neil Armstrong had to fill out a US immigration form when he re-entered Earth on Apollo 11
5. Daughter, the English rock band

1. That Alia Bhatt thinks “Prithviraj Chauhan” is the President of India.
2. If you subject your FB list to your daily workout
3. The ‘Umeedon wali dhoop’ jingle playing incessantly
4. Americanising your babies’ names because they’re going to grow up to be “global citizens”
5. lf you’re still talking (and tweeting) about Bigg Boss 7

From HT Brunch, January 5
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