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A file photo of actor Vidyut Jamwal. (HT Photo/ Labony Kaushal)

* Vidyut Jamwal

* Tales from Tinder. A tiny app, so much love

* Using Pippin's Song in the new Hobbit trailer

* Eid selfies 

* Discovering interesting little notes in old books. (Must make a habit of leaving bits of scribbled-on paper in all my books)


* Videos where they ask people GK questions to highlight the stupidity of the human race. Appalling, we get it. Can you stop now?
* Promotional texts on WhatsApp
* That you have to pay for every extra sachet of ketchup at Mc D's. Na na na na na, I'm shovin' it
* The dying art of making pickle
* Studies about children's habits that make parents paranoid

From HT Brunch, August 3
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