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From tripping over the adorable newborn panda triplets in China to detesting the miserable show by Indian cricket team in faraway England, Saudamini Jain tells us what was right and what wasn't this week.


  • Every single time somebody throws something at someone in the Lok Sabha. Flinging nameplates? Sounds like a party!
  • That everybody thinks they can write erotica 
  • Chasing buses, successfully
  • Scruffy men in suits
  • Those adorable newborn giant panda triplets in China


  • That everything SRK does becomes a controversy
  • Snoozing the alarm that reminds you to drink those eight glasses of water
  • People who expect an acknowledgement for every email. If it's not a question, why reply?
  • The Indian cricket team. #Fail

From HT Brunch, August 17
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