Personal agenda: Gauri Shinde, film director

Birthday: July 6
Place of birth: Pune
Hometown: Mumbai
School/college: St Joseph’s High School and Symbiosis, Pune
Low point of your life: I once failed maths in school, which was extremely shameful
Currently doing: Trying my best to do nothing
High point of your life: My film English Vinglish

If you weren’t a director, you would have been...
I would have been a wandering traveller for sure.

What is your all-time favourite ad (not necessarily directed by you)?

Gauri Shinde

I’m not too sure about that but I definitely know that Indian women don’t like men with curves.
Well, my favourite one has been directed by me. It’s an ad for Havells wires.

What is it like being married to Balki?
There’s a lot of freedom.

What is the best thing about him?
He is anything but a bore.

Do Indian men like women with curves?

I’m not too sure about that but I definitely know that Indian women don’t like men with curves.

If you were given a chance to remake a classic or a masala movie, which one would you pick?
I would definitely prefer making an original masala movie instead of a remake.

Your favourite chai-time snack?
Biscuits. I can’t have chai without them.

The one thing you would like to unlearn.
The constant striving for perfection.
The hottest star in Bollywood? Ranbir Kapoor.

The biggest risk you have ever taken.
Driving in Mumbai.

One piece of advice you wish
Someone had given you 10 years ago.Start saving!

The best thing about Sridevi?
Her simplicity and innocence.

Who is your 3am friend?
There are so many. I’m quite lucky to have friends like that.

Who are you closest to?
My family and friends.

Which body part would you get insured?
My hair.

One rumour you would like to start.
That each time someone spits on the road, Rs 10,000 will disappear from their account.

You have three minutes to pack; what do you take with you?
My toiletries, medicines, a book, my wallet and a shawl.

Your favourite pet.
My two cats.

Your favourite gadget.
My HP notebook.

One song that describes your current state of mind.
Main Happy Vappy – the title song of English Vinglish.

Your strategy in a crisis situation.
Be calm and act swiftly.

Your mantra for success.
To be honest to myself.

The hottest star in Bollywood?
Ranbir Kapoor

Things that make you smile
Having tea in bed, a A good hair day, my pets, some unexpected kindness, getting a good discount on something expensive.

From HT Brunch, February 10
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