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What is Dastangoi?
Originating from the Persian words ‘dastan’ (a tale) and ‘goi’ (to tell a tale), Dastangoi is simply that – the art of storytelling. The voice of the storyteller, how he modulates it, how he changes it, is central to the storytelling.

Why watch it?
For the intense Mahmood Farooqui and the mischievous Danish Hussain. Their ability to hypnotise you with Urdu transports you to another world.

What do you see and hear?
The duo recently performed two acts: Dastan-e-Betal Pachisi (tales of King Vikram and Betaal. Remember Chandamama?) and Tilism-e-Hoshruba, about the world of magic and disguise.

Ground rules
NO clapping during the performance at all! If you like anything (and you will!), just say, “Wah! Wah!”


From HT Brunch, October 20

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