Richa Chaddha has Oscar on her mind

‘Childlike’ Richa Chadda loves dancing. High time a filmmaker gives this versatile actor a chance to twirl in a film?

If you weren’t an actor, you would’ve been…
Nothing really. I didn’t have a choice. This was my calling. 

Your definition of the perfect gentleman.
A liberal, chivalrous and compassionate man who treats all life equally. 

If you were to meet a genie, three things you would ask for.
An Oscar award, eternal peace of mind, and to have a lifetime supply of wishes.

The cheesiest compliment you have ever received.
“Is your dad a terrorist ‘cause you’re such a bomb.” Eww! last thing you bought off the street in Mumbai?
Sev puri.

Which do you prefer, acting in Bollywood or theatre?
Bollywood is an imaginary landscape. I prefer working in cinema in general.

A term that best describes you.

Which is more repulsive in a man, incorrect grammar or unclean nails?
Incorrect grammar. 

A New Year resolution you have broken already.
I live each day with a new resolve because time can’t be quantified.

You feel most beautiful when...
I dance. 

A lip shade you wouldn’t be caught dead in?
None. I love lipstick. 

People from Bollywood you’d never invite to your party?
I can’t name them. They’d feel so hurt if they read this.

High point of your life
Life is about highs and lows

Low point of your life
Like I said, life is about highs and lows

Currently I am...
A global gypsy

Birthday: December 18
Sun sign: Sagittarius
Place of birth: Amritsar
Hometown: Delhi
School/College: Sardar Patel Vidyalaya; St Stephen’s College, Delhi

From HT Brunch, February 23

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