Ridiculous social media headlines: yeh kya bakwaas hai?

Web Headlines That Need To Die

We're tired of these often misleading, mostly ridiculous headlines that clog our Twitter and Facebook timelines. Here are the worst offenders. And remember, as tempted as you are to click on them, don't!  

IF IT READS: No Sexual Desire? No Problem!
IT USUALLY MEANS:  You've clicked on an ad intended for uncles who have no insurance and need fake Viagra
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IF IT READS: Here's The Dirty Secret Behind How Your Favourite Brand Gets It Right/Cheap/On Time
IT USUALLY MEANS:  The site has paraphrased someone else's research
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IF IT READS: The 1st Story Made Me Smile, The 2nd Made Me Happy, But The 3rd I Can't Stop Thinking About
IT USUALLY MEANS:  You are loser enough to read these borderline-lame articles
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IF IT READS: 19 Signs You Are Too Nice To Catch A Match Online
IT USUALLY MEANS:  You're going to stay single if you don't go out into the real world and find real love
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IF IT READS: One Trick To Flat Abs That Doctors Don't Want You To Know
IT USUALLY MEANS:  It involves using your credit card to pay for advice about crunches and breathing
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IF IT READS: Could You Be Straight? Here's 11 Science Facts About It To Help You Check.
IT USUALLY MEANS:  You'll be more confused than before
1497 people viewing

IF IT READS: This Stunning Video Of A Solar Flare Shows Just How Incredibly Hot It Actually Is
IT USUALLY MEANS:  You'll be looking at a photo of a big orange ball in your air-conditioned home/office/car
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IF IT READS: Your IQ Level Will Skyrocket Once You Read This
IT USUALLY MEANS:  It won't, dummy! IQ is something you're born with. You can only improve knowledge, not intelligence
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From HT Brunch, May 18

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