Should you trust Jaime Lannister of Game of Thrones?

Girls: Knock back a martini when...You imagine you wouldn’t kick Jaime Lannister out of bed, and hope his one good hand is very good Or You find yourself taking fashion cues from Daenerys Targaryen or even King Joffrey!

If you've been following the plot of TV show Game Of Thrones, you'll know exactly who's worth rooting for and who should be fed to the direwolves. But when it comes to Jaime Lannister, we're all stumped (no pun intended - we've seen his severed hand).

Here's a guy who slayed the very king he was assigned to protect and who's fathered all those kids his sister passes off as legitimately royal. And yet, he's done honourable things, things that have cost him his hand, his freedom and almost his life. Is his grey more black or white? We've got Nikolaj Coster-Waldau himself (who plays Jaime) to present his case.

ON ONE HAND.... ON THE OTHER... tried to kill an eight-year-old
Jaime, caught in a compromising position by little Bran, heartlessly shoves the boy out the high-tower window, down to
possible death, with a smile and a quip. And that's just episode one!'s sleeping with his twin sister
They have three children, which they're passing off as her husband's. They've killed to protect their secret. "The
emotional connection they have is so confusing and twisted," says Coster-Waldau. "I think he's always been the one wanting
her and not being able to get her. Most men and women would recognise that in any relationship."

He's done terrible things
Jaime once attacked Ned Stark in the street, leaving him unconscious. "His whole life has been as a soldier and it's a
very hard, brutal, unsentimental world that he lives in," the actor says of his character.'s killed a king
As the King's sole guard, Jaime headed to the throne room, gutting a man en route. The king, soiling himself in fear, is
said to have squealed like a pig as Jaime slit his throat in one smooth move.
The king slayer then sat on the Iron Throne, waiting to see who would claim it.'s defending a sadist
Jaime, now Lord Commander of the King's Guard, protects petulant, cruel King Joffrey. Joffrey tortures women for sport.
He executes pets. He beheads good guys and once stripped his fiancée in court. Tsk tsk! saved a woman when he didn't have to
Jaime, free to head home in Season 3, turns back to rescue Brienne, a tall, manly knight who swore to return him home
safely. Brienne has more muscle than charm. She should have been easy to ignore. "Meeting Brienne and encountering that
kind of innocence if you will, but also her extreme belief in doing the right thing and being honourable, that has
reminded him of what he was," says the actor. "And maybe [it's] what he still wants to be."

He's a loyal lover
"I think there's a very strong physical attraction, just a basic physical need that he has," says Coster-Waldau of his
character's incestuous acts. "Listen, the guy has only ever been with this woman." That's a better track record than
martyred good-guy Ned Stark, whose illegitimate son was raised alongside his other kids. was protecting his peeps
The Starks had captured Jaime's brother Tyrion and he was the only family member who did anything about it. "All these
[Lannister siblings] have been taught that no one, nothing, is more important than your family," Coster-Waldau says. "It
means no one else really matters, unless you can use them."

His intentions were good
Jaime was asked to kill his own father, who was orchestrating a coup, to prove his loyalty. He also believed that the mad
king was about to burn the city to the ground. "I think it was all there when he was young, but clearly he's lost his
innocence and has become very cynical," he says.

He's missing one hand
"Jaime is trying to kind of find his place," says the actor. "He's happy to be back, but he's also been dropped into that
Lannister family. Being Lord Commander demands respect, that you are the strongest. He isn't. People don't know how [being
one-handed] will affect him. Can he fight with his left? You'll find out."

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