Style File: your hair will thank you

You can dry your clothes; you can air your cupboards and even fix the mould on the walls. But try fixing your hair in this season and you’ll end up with nothing less than an animalistic urge to chop it all off. There’s no reason for you to have a whole season of bad hair days – when your hair falls between some version of sticky, matted, damp, frizzy or plain old limp and lifeless. That’s why we asked the most trusted names in the hair business for some easy rain-friendly looks that are good for both your hair and your peace of mind. And look, the celebs are doing it too!

The Back-Comb
The men of elegance are back and so are neat, back-combed, hairstyles. Luckily, they suit most face shapes, so you can go few decades back in time as well as a few sartorial steps higher with this slick style.
Seen on: Justin Timberlake and on his album, Suit & Tie. And if you still haven’t noticed, Mad Men and Suits.
Pair It With: Suits, obviously. But also with crisp trousers and well-cut shirts. You Need: Gel or wax.

EXPERT ADVICE: That’s all you need to keep this style smooth. Along with regular trims the hair needs to be neatly cropped at the edges and back, with long layers on the top. You can also create it by working medium-hold pomade into the hair while it’s still wet.
Expert: Asgar Saboo, celebrity hair stylist

The Pompadour
If you are still stuck in the spike-mohawk-rat-tail route, then here’s help. The pompadour offers the smooth edge of a sexy devil and the charm of an ’80s pop star – the kind the girls worshipped.
Seen on: Bruno Mars and the original cool cat, Elvis.
Pair It With: A huge dose of confidence.
What You Need: Gel, roller brush, holding spray.
EXPERT ADVICE: Crop the hair close on the sides and back, leaving the top longer to blow dry into a quiff. You can even gel the sides and back. Or just use some holding spray for one minute, with your fingers holding the hair up in place if you have rough hair. It gives you better control.
Expert: Ity Aggarwal, celebrity hair stylist

The Loose Side Curl
Do you know any girl who isn’t a fan of wispy beach curls that are adequately grown-up and vintage too? So make this your go-to do for a hot, humid evening out. It’s so easy.
Seen on: Taylor Swift, Amy Adams, 1920s flappers.
Pair It With: A Hollywood celebrity’s red carpet wardrobe. Aim for elegance, not eww!
What You Need: Curlers, holding spray.
EXPERT ADVICE: This style is feminine and can be done by braiding your wet hair in small sections with some styling lotion. Let it dry, untie the braids, massage them loose and softly pin the hair up to the side. Make it look like you haven’t tried too hard.

Expert: Rod Anker, Monsoon

The Faux Bob
How awesome does long, flowing hair look? And how quickly does it tangle up? This style lets you shorten your hair without a trim. And has a cool insouciance to it.
Seen on: Freida Pinto, Vanessa Hudgens and everybody looking for a new look in the rains.
Pair It With: Polka-dot tops and cropped trousers to channel your inner ’60s vixen.
What You Need: About 2,567 hair pins and shine spray.
EXPERT ADVICE: Smoothen out the top with a blow dryer and add a few curls below for texture. Pull your hair into a bun and tuck it loosely under the volume of your hair using hair pins. Leave a few strands around the face for

Expert: Dianne Commissariat, b:blunt Mumbai

From HT Brunch, July 7
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