The Anatomy of Grey’s Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy actor Kate Walsh has posed nude for a new photoshoot in her forties. The actor says she felt confident and sexy by going nude for the magazine.

Brunch is divided: To Grey’s Anatomy or not to Grey’s Anatomy. Here’s why I watch it (the initial seasons at least) and here’s why I’ll stop

McDreamy, McDreamy, McDreamy: Puppy-faced, confused, great hair, you can drown in his eyes. And he’s a surgeon too!
The medical part: Interestingly layered. It’s bizarre (a man swallows doll heads to escape loneliness), serious (it’s a hospital, after all) and funny (porn as painkiller).
The montage: This, and the voiceover at the end of the show (though not a new idea, even Desperate Housewives had it) ties the episode to an idea. The one about ‘pain’, I love.
Meredith Grey: Her sleepy eyes, I-am-lost-in-the-woods look and whiny attitude.
Keeping track of who slept with whom (when and why), who died (when and why) and who joined the cast is a mean feat.
Those hideous hospital gowns

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