The sound of silence

How many times have you heard the phrase “Silence is Golden” and wondered if it holds true anymore? It usually baffles people because talkative people get a lot of attention and applause from their peers. The mantra of soundlessness seems out of date today, because people who don’t talk much are considered aloof and reclusive. But in an age when your mind is always consumed by inner-space chatter and noise all around, silence should be your escape route.

Observe silence to de-clutter the  mind and bring clarity to your thoughts. A clear mind can channel ideas in the right direction instead of endlessly going around in circles. silence can harness your intuitive powers and make you wiser. We are all blessed with intuitive wisdom but because of endless meaningless noise in our heads, we are unable to access this wonderful gift. This leads to tremendous anxiety, confusion and inability to make good decisions. Through silence, we actually reach deep into our subconscious mind and  find happiness, balance and wisdom.
One way to mitigate anxiety is by observing silence, especially if it is done after a few rounds of anilom-vilom pranayam. Nagging thoughts typically cause knots in your stomach and a feeling of negativity. These symptoms define classic anxiety pangs that people in big cities often experience. Anxiety can eat into your sense of happiness and security. Control it with meditation and profession help.
Silence helps you to become more self confident and instills the inner confidence that is so  important in a world that forces you to constantly learn and unlearn things.
One of the easiest ways to find a solution to a problem is by detaching yourself from it for some time and being silent. Getting stuck on a problem can be extremely disturbing. If you find yourself in a situation like that, step back from the problem, observe silence for a couple of hours and the solution will pop into your head from nowhere. The answer will seem so obvious that you’ll be left wondering why it didn’t occur to you earlier. I call it a Eureka moment.
Every religion in the world propagates the power of silence. The path of silence has been tried and tested over several thousand years. All you need to do is remind yourself of its effectiveness., please
The best time to observe silence is when you’re travelling or are alone. Try and wake up early and do not switch on the TV radio, music system or  mobile phone. Do a few rounds of pranayam and slowly become aware of your surroundings without making a mental comment on them. If a thought forms inside you, let it bubble up and pop. Do not pay attention to any stimulus. Within a few minutes, you will connect with the silence within. Let it take over and you’ll experience calm and happiness like never  before.

From HT Brunch, September 30

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