You are what you eat

Taste and food preferences are ingrained in our DNA. In some ways, they reflect who we are. It is not uncommon to find that the son or daughter inherits the same flavour preferences as their parents.

Recognising that tastes are linked to our DNA and ultimately personality type, many researchers are now trying to understand the link between genes and taste. These academic pursuits have been loosely labelled Food-ology.

Our internal make-up and genetic inheritance surpasses cultural norms. Could they be the key to our personalities? Let’s find out... 

Fans of Salty foods
If a person craves salty food, he or she is the type that goes with the flow. Psychologists say such people may be ambitious and hardworking, yet they believe that external factors, not their own actions, determine their fate.

Those who like it Spicy
They tend to be perfectionists, prioritise attention to detail and hate wasting time.

The Sweet tooth
This kind of person tends to be emotional and hedonistic and likes to stand out from a crowd.

Texture Classifications

Those who like foods with soft texture:
They are supposed to be great organisers, friendly, the life of the party and diplomatic.

FRESH TAKE: People who prefer fresh foods are likely to be sensitive

Those who like their food crunchy: They are supposed to be ambitious, organised, with fixed opinions and great drive.

Those who like fresh and wholesome foods: They grow their own herbs and wear comfortable shoes. Can be labelled as sympathetic environmentalists. Many of these personality types are semi-vegetarians by choice. Such people may be sensitive, with intense feelings and are likely to eat within a scientific and nutritional framework. They may also choose foods depending upon what they label as good or bad.

The red-meat lover: Perceived as aggressive, volatile, macho, possibly workaholic and definitely in touch with their latent carnal desires. Such types are pitta body classification kind, according to ayurveda. This category may have a predominance of males, as it has been seen that men consume meat much more than women.

In today’s times, the person is likely to be a Type-A personality, a middle-aged, apple-shaped male with a high-stress job, sedentary lifestyle and an increased risk of lifestyle diseases.

From HT Brunch, September 15

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