A fruitarian diet can be healthy, but only up to a point, says Shikha Sharma

  • Updated: Apr 16, 2016 19:51 IST
If you go on a fruit diet, almost 70 per cent of what you eat or drink will be fruit or its natural derivations. (SHUTTERSTOCK)

Food fads develop when you experiment with some diet ideology or the other, from detoxification to anti-ageing. They also arise from a certain kind of consciousness, about the environment perhaps, or religion, or simply a desire to practise self-control in some aspect of your life.

That’s how the fruitarian diet emerged – a plan that focuses strongly on fruits, based on four factors. 1. Fruits are easy to source. 2. Easy to digest. 3. Possibly the most natural of all foods. 4. They are acceptable to all religions.

If you go on a fruit diet, almost 70 per cent of what you eat or drink will be fruit or its natural derivations.

Typical Fruit Diet Plan

Breakfast: Hot water, bananas and apples.

Lunch: Green tea with fruits like peaches, mangoes, plums, grapes or melons.

Dinner: A filling fruit like an avocado or a banana with dried fruits like dates, raisins, figs and more green tea. Some people add coconut for satiety.

Does It Make Sense?

A fruit in general is healthy, but only as part of a balanced diet.

* An all-day fruit diet once a fortnight can detoxify the body.

* A three-day fruit diet is usually prescribed by an alternative health specialist to reset the metabolism. It is accompanied by light yoga, body massages and pranayama, and followed by a vegetarian diet.

* A seven-day fruit diet should be done under the guidance of an experienced nutritionist.

* If you live almost on fruits for more than seven days, you are at risk of harming yourself.

The Good

* Fruits provide vitamins like B Complex (except for B12) and minerals

* Large quantities of fruits will detoxify the liver

* Fruits help unclog the arteries

* A two-day fruit diet can help people with irritable bowel syndrome

* A fruit diet planned by an ayurvedic doctor can calm the mind

The Bad

* Rapid increase in pancreatic enzymes with acid reflux

* Deficiency of calcium and vitamin D

* Deficiency of proteins, which can lead to muscle loss

* Deficiency of vitamin B12

The answer is clear. Follow a fruit diet only under supervision.

From HT Brunch, April 17, 2016

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