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A Night to Remember

Bradley Cooper messed it up twice in The Hangover. So, throw out the DVDs. Here’s how to throw a real bachelor party

brunch Updated: Dec 01, 2012 18:01 IST
Amrah Ashraf

Your best buddy is about to get married. That means no more boys’ night outs, no drinking till 3am, no flirting with his girlfriend just to annoy him and no Xbox marathons. That is why he is looking at you with those pleading eyes. He deserves one night of absolute merry-making before his life changes forever. And he needs you to orchestrate it.

CelebrationYou’ve watched The Hangover, and you’ve seen Shamita Shetty gyrating with Jimmy Shergill in that sharara song. But do you know what it takes to throw a good stud night?

For starters, only fools hold the bachelor’s party just before the wedding. No one wants to risk bleary eyes and a hangover on their wedding day. "Keep it at least a week before the wedding or the groom will be busy," advises Umesh Khanna, a wedding and party planner. Now that you’ve got a date, work out your budget and follow our guide.Under Rs 50,000

JunkIf you’ve got the space, a house party makes for the best bachelor’s evening. Rent a projection screen and hook up an Xbox. Throw in karaoke and sing with your mates for old times’ sake. Order plenty of dude food like burgers, fries, chicken wings and pizza.

Or try an ‘Oktoberfest’ theme so you can serve several kinds of beer. Finally a shot girl or two will add the required glamour to the evening.Under Rs 1,00,000

Reserve a private booth at a nightclub for a night out. Send out invites – party kits with shot glasses, herbal hangover pills and a customised jersey for your ‘crew’ to wear to the party (remember to put the groom’s name on it, not yours).

ShotsAt the club, pop open a bottle of champagne, get the DJ to play your tunes and invite some pretty ladies over to celebrate. No one is going to want to be a designated driver for this night, so hire a driver service or rent a car to take the boys back home.

Under Rs 2,00,000
You have Rs 2 lakh to blow on your best bud? We hope you’re single and cute! Big budgets let you do over-the-top themes like a Vegas party – costumed waitresses, flair bartenders, roulette tables and a great DJ. The evening is sure to be legenDARY!

If that’s not your style, get out of town. Go hiking, bungee jump or skydive. Shenanigans are easily excused when you’re out of town. And tell me if I’m wrong, but a hangover seems less vicious when you’re in a hotel bed.

– With inputs from Priyanka Soorma, Cineyug Celebrations

Rules of a Bachelor Party

rouletteHey, even Fight Club had rules. If you’ve been invited to a bachelor party, remember these. You will thank me later

1 Thou shalt not blab. Whatever happens at the party stays at the party.

2. Gluttony is essential. There will be dude food and lots of alcohol.

3. Don’t expect an invite to the wedding. A summons to the stag do does not mean you’re invited to the wedding. Don’t take it personally.

4. You must embarrass the bachelor. But only in good spirit. If you know a harmlessly humiliating story about the groom, spill it out. But don’t get nasty or you’ll be spanked out.

5. Expect some gambling. So come prepared to wager. Decide before your first drink how much you want to lose. That way, you won’t bet your farmhouse.

6. Don’t be a freeloader. Open up your wallet. Even if the scratch runs a touch high, don’t grumble.

7. Be nice to the girls. They may not be strippers, but shot girls and other women earning a living. Be courteous and respectful.

8. Be prepared. Manhoods will be challenged, physiques ridiculed, and advancements to various bases will be discussed. Grin and bear it. It’s all in good spirit.


– With inputs from Umesh Khanna

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