An ode to Orkut: hunting ground for soulmates, fraandships and more

  • Asad Ali, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Jul 12, 2014 17:19 IST

This is old news now but it still hurts. Here lies the space where guys got the pehla nasha of stalking girls online for the very first time (and sometimes, even vice versa).

They joined arbit 'communities' in the hopes of meeting potential soulmates (or anyone amenable just to the idea of mating). It is where Fraandship was born, and where people became 'fans' of each other.

Google plans to kill it by September, apparently because not too many give a (s)crap about Orkut. It was 10 years old.

Many of its users propogated the Rakhi Sawant school of thought. Many were aspiring Charlie Sheen bots who propounded love philosophies (although, grammatically-challenged).

It was kind to all. It allowed users to choose "Not on the list" as their best physical feature.

Such was Orkut. Simple and remarkably ahead of its time. Profundity on steroids.


From HT Brunch, July 13
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