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Apples and Oranges: Donald Draper v/s Harvey Specter

brunch Updated: Apr 27, 2013 17:18 IST

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What is it about Donald Draper (Mad Men) and Harvey Specter (Suits) that women find so irresistible? Is it the power whip they crack ever so often, their best-cut suits, their slick pulled-back hair or their office view, which looks out to heaven? It’s all of that and the fact that they put Greek gods to shame. And well, women love men with a vice! They’re alike in many ways – but who is hotter?

Donald Draper

Suit up

Don is vintage, and everything vintage is precious. His perennially crisp white shirt, retro tie and pocket square are absolutely stunning. But alas, his suits don’t match up to Harvey Specter.

Harvey Specter dresses like a boss. His straight-off-Savile Row look evokes strength, from the three-piece suit to the spread collar and the Windsor knot. Tom Ford, you reckon?

She answers his calls
He’s had too many secretaries. Peggy was meh. Ida Blankenship was old and comically incompetent. Allison’s good. But she’s nothing like Specter’s Donna. You can’t argue there.

Donna Paulsen is Harvey’s executive assistant. She is dramatic. She is stunning. She is loyal. She is witty. And more importantly, Harvey can’t do without her. Neither can we.

Under the sheets
Okay, this is where Donald eats the cake and has it too, literally! Some women want to mother the brooding man with a dark past, others fall in love with him. He just beds them all.

With those looks, he should be in bed more often than Barney Stinson. But he has a run worse than Chandler Bing. Harvey is rarely seen with women. A deliberate choice, or is he bad in bed?

Harvey specter

Carry forward the legacy

Well, Don makes smoking look really cool. But kids, don’t be fooled. He might look irresistibly hot with a stick between his lips, but think of all the awesome genes he is killing. Not cool!

Harvey doesn’t smoke. Okay, a doobie once in a while, but never tobacco. The thought of baby Harveys in baby suits with that trademark smirk is just too beautiful a thought to dismiss.

Bite that, maybe?
Don scores here. He’s a grown-up, and we like a man with stubble and trouble. Sure he’s delicious too, but Harvey is a little too clean and smooth for our liking.

Take home to mommy
Not this guy. Donald Draper isn’t even his real name! Forget mommy, even we don’t approve.

Harvey is no angel either. But he’ll find a way to outsmart even the sharpest mum.

The verdict
Harvey, obviously. You could argue. But we are Harvey loyalists. So Don lovers, hard luck!

From HT Brunch, April 28

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