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Are you paranoid about your health?

brunch Updated: Jun 29, 2013 17:38 IST
Kavita Devgan
Kavita Devgan
Hindustan Times
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When it comes to your wellbeing, you can never be too careful. Or can you? Being too worried about your health is just as bad as being too careless. Take our quiz to find out if you’re turning into a hypochondriac. Wash your hands before you begin.... (just kidding!)

1. When you hear about a new disease that just might affect you, you...

(a) Make an appointment with a doctor immediately. What if you have it?
(b) Understand the information, especially prevention tips, for future use.
(c) Check yourself for symptoms. What if you're infected already?

2. When you go to a party and all the food is fried or unhealthy what do you do?
(a) Stay hungry and go back hungry. You’d rather not eat than eat unhealthy.
(b) Stay hungry and lecture the host about yoghurt dip and celery sticks.
(c) Make the best choice of what’s being served and eat in moderation.

3. How often do you research health news and information about disorders and diseases?
(a) Every day. Must keep up with the newest virus we’ve discovered.
(b) Once a week maybe. New health findings are worth being updated about.
(c) Only when the need arises. If I'm not sick, why worry?

4. If someone tells you that papaya is good for health, what do you do?
(a) Eat papaya three times a day. Then buy papaya shampoo and shower gel.
(b) Incorporate it in your diet reasonably (say three times a week).
(c) Eat papaya every day.

5. When you get a headache (or a similar simple problem) what do you do?
(a) Google my symptoms, pore over every home remedy, handy tip and the “surgery can help” section.
(b) Worry endlessly that it might be a tumour, then pop some pills.
(c) Go out in open air to clear my mind and give the headache time to go away.
Get help only if the problem persists.

6. If you eat unhealthy for some reason what is your reaction?
(a) You compensate with a week of beansprouts, spirulina and jogs.
(b) You hate yourself and ruin your day.
(c) You tell yourself, “Okay it was a mistake,” and move on.

7. When you look at super fit bodies on the cover of magazines, how do you react?
(a) Admire the body and take positive inspiration from them.
(b) Compare yours to theirs and rue the difference.
(c) Begin a punishing diet and exercise routine right away.

8. What kind of relationship do you have with your family doctor?
(a) I call him every time I sneeze and re-check his advice on WebMD.
(b) I visit him whenever I'm sick. I'm honest with my symptoms and follow his advice to the letter.
(c) I call him with questions on antibacterial soaps, anthrax scares, hand sanitisers and new drugs.

9. How often and how much do you exercise?
(a) Seven days a week, often twice a day. Even when I’m sick.
(b) Five days a week, about half an hour every day. Not when I’m sick.
(c) Seven days a week once a day.

10. When you share your views about health, what reaction do you get from people generally?
(a) Mostly people agree with what I say. And my information is both researched and useable.
(b) I end up having arguments with most people about what's healthy. People are too lax with their health.
(c) Well. It depends some people agree and others don't.

SCORING Add up the points to the answers you picked and see how you fared

1.(a) 3(b) 10(c) 5
2.(a)5(b) 3(c) 10
3.(a) 3(b) 5(c) 10
4.(a) 3(b) 10(c) 5
5.(a) 3(b) 10(c) 5
6.(a) 3(b) 5.(c) 10
7.(a) 10(b) (c) 3
8.(a) 3(b) 10(c) 5
9.(a) 3(b) 10(c) 5
10.(a) 10(b) 3(c) 5

Under 40 points: You’re definitely paranoid. And that’s terrible. You’ll worry yourself sick.
Between 40 and 70 points: You can go into overdrive sometimes. Begin a mind makeover now, and you'll be fine.
Over 70 points: You are sorted. Your thinking about what is healthy and what is not is on the right track.

From HT Brunch, June 30

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