Brunch Bollywood Special: Dialoguebaazi

  • Compiled by Asad Ali and Yasser Usman, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Dec 14, 2014 18:50 IST

You wanted to do a crash course in Urdu after listening to Kabhi Kabhie, you’ve searched for "Andaz Apna Apna funny scenes" and learnt how to woo a girl in Switzerland, DDLJ-style... add these up and tell us..."Kitney Dialogues Thay?"

In this Brunch Bollywood Special issue, we revisit some iconic lines, from yesteryear movies to present times. Yes, there are just too many of them. We sifted through them all, to bring you the most memorable ones. It’s almost like watching the films again.

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The tough guys
Here are lines that truly stuck – for generations. These are ‘hero-type’ dialogues that are crafted for maximum impact and most seetis in the hall...

Drama kings and queens
The lines that oozed melodrama and left us reciting them at every possible opportunity

A few bad men
Classic dialogues from the men who terrorised the behens/mashookas of the male leads and exploited society/gaon (as applicable!)

The romantics
Love is at the heart of Hindi films. When love happens to the hero/heroine, the romantic dialogues that follow can, if nothing else, make you want to fall in love...

Alcoholics united
A selection of Hindi cinema’s most popular drunken acts that have left us hiccupping with delight!

Some funny bones
Bollywood can tickle your funny bone when it wants to. Here are some memorable lines that made us LOL!

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