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Playful Platitudes - Why is it called what it is called?

Starting today: Brand new blog posts from the team that brings you your favourite magazine week after week! We'll be writing about food, fashion, technology, movies, music, relationships and much more - so stay tuned

Love, life at the movies

Movies and Relationships - perhaps the only two things that have fascinated me most in life. May be because both have been essential components of my growing up years. Tavishi Paitandy Rastogi writes.

Bite-sized morsels, and more

It's really food that makes the whole world go round. From salty treats to sweet somethings and from Net tidbits to occasional recipes, get set and ready to savour quick bites from my unique perspective, writes Mignonne Dsouza.

No man's land for art?

Is underground art losing its identity to populist culture or is it just redefining itself around mainstream ideologies?

Go away, I'm reading

One day, I may write a book. Until then…

To be or Not to Be

You're not in a relationship but there are feelings, there's this attraction. No questions asked, no reasons sought... is it love?

Your skin could die without a facial this summer

Ordinary facials are fine only for a short while. What you actually need, to save your skin, is a Medi-facial, writes Veenu Singh.

When travel karma hit me

I am digressing from the usual underground stuff I like to talk about because something catastrophic has happened in my life and I want to talk about it. And let’s be honest, this is the only space I get to write about what’s going through my head and yet have an audience (however marginal).

Why Hollywood likes to show it off on beaches

Beaches are more than places to get tanned in barely there bikins and briefs, writes Yashica Dutt.

It's more than a ball game

The nature of football is such that fans tend to put one star on the pedestal. And the passions run higher when players from two eras are compared. Aasheesh Sharma writes...

Preach me some sense

It was just one of those days when I was at my unproductive best, just waiting for an onslaught of thoughts to enter my mind. I was waiting for the right words to express my restlessness, my anxiety, the emotional turmoil inside of me. I just prayed for some sense to make sense of the happenings around. And just then, it poured, and this was the result.

Pick some sexy stuff from the sales

Parul Khanna Tewari takes a break from loving animals more than humans and focuses on the ongoing sales

I’ll have the salmon

The simplest trick to hide your dark circles, yes, Miss Raccoon Eyes, even yours, is not rocket science, writes Rachel Lopez.

What's all the noise about?

I, for one, do not understand it when people say they don't understand Metallica. And there are lots of such people out there, writes Manit Moorjani.

Keep it neat!

Falling in love is complicated enough. But falling in love with a friend who is sleeping with you but not in love with you? Why make a cocktail of your relationship, asks Tavishi Paitandy Rastogi
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