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The decades you didn't see

So, I am a fashion writer. Which means I am positively vacuous and have limited knowledge about anything else other than clothes, shoes and bags. At least that's the kind of response I get every time I do anything which has nothing to do with the 'frivolous' cosmos of Christian Louboutin or Christian Dior.

My A to Z dessert list

Whether it's the almond tarts at Mumbai's Gaylord Bakery or waffles at Indigo Deli, a serious dedication to dessert always helps, as Mignonne Dsouza says.

A cat with one life

As much as I love to rant about my love for the underground indie stuff, something has happened in my life that needs to be spoken about. The thing is that this blog, like the previous one, is not about alternative music, art or films. This blog is about the thing I loved the most which is now underground, in the literal sense.

Obama at Democratic Convention

A Vietnamese journalist who bribed a police officer as part of an undercover investigation into corruption was sentenced to four years in prison on Friday, while the officer who accepted the money got a five-year sentence, state-controlled media reported.

Simple Pleasures

There's no single formula to winning people's hearts. Maybe simplicity is the key, writes Aasheesh Sharma

Books, Rules and Lessons

I get paid to write. And most of my salary goes into buying books. So my love affair with everything in print is as deep as it gets. Here’s a little list of things that life has taught me about books. Some have become commandments.

Something stupid like I love you

No, I’m not referring to Frank Sinatra’s song. Okay, maybe he inspired the title of my poem, but that’s about it. This does not read like his song, only an actual dilemma that I find myself in. Always have. Love is stupid, extremely stupid, writes Shreya Sethuraman.

Fifty shades of me

When it comes to makeup, it’s possible to do more with less – you just have to know how to bend the rules, and where to draw the line. Rachel Lopez writes...

Wake up and smell the (Starbucks) coffee…

If you like Starbucks, go in and see if your favourite blend is available. And if you’ve never had one, now’s a good time to try it out, writes Mignonne Dsouza.

Breathe free

If the weather change has triggered an allergy and you're sneezing by the dozen, Salt Therapy might be the best option, writes Veenu Singh.

Why so subversive?

Last Saturday I did something that I had always dreamed of doing – I bought a can of spray paint, met up with this friend of mine who goes by the name Art and helped him make a mural...

Oh those memories...

I’m someone who loves to live in the past. Isn’t it lovely really? You get to hear your own thoughts, and your own memories, and then – you fall in love with the silence, writes Shreya Sethuraman

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