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Check them out: a look at some of the best hotels

As the holiday season begins, here's my list of hotels which I have enjoyed staying in over the last two years. You might regard them as worth a visit, writes Vir Sanghvi.

Apple and its quest to rule

Has Apple given both its fans and sceptics something to really shout about? Even the most rabid Apple fanboyz will agree that its share in the market has dwindled over time. The brand's need to come up with smart solutions was never more urgent, writes Rajiv Makhni.

Modern Indian food: the new rage

There are a series of innovations many Indian chefs have been trying for a while in the West. Instead of oily curries and over-spiced dishes, these lighter variations focus on the quality of ingredients and redefined presentation, writes Vir Sanghvi.

The Indian dislike for 'dignity of labour'

Narendra Modi may have been the son of a tea-stall owner and Sonia Gandhi may have been a waitress but the truth is that most of us have scant respect for those who do menial jobs, says Seema Goswami.

Knocking off weight with Ayurveda

Understanding which ayurvedic type you belong to can help you lose those stubborn kilos. In a three-part series, Dr Shikha Sharma takes us through each of the three types and suggest remedies.

Motorola: rising from the dead

Just a while ago, everybody had written off Motorola. The brand was in doldrums - sales had dropped to nothing and phones were failing with unfailing regularity. Then came the Moto X. Rajiv Makhni charts the re-emergence of one of the most-recognised brand in the world.

Debating the tablet vs laptop dilemma

If owning an iPad made you feel that you don't need a laptop, think again. iPads came when smartphone screens were still small and most laptops were either big (with terrible battery life) or were netbooks with small screens and underpowered, writes Rajiv Makhni.

The odd couple: how to cook meat with dal

Given that Indians eat more lentils than anybody else in the world, do we have a tradition of combining meat with dal or rajma? Vir Sanghvi checks if Indians have any known dishes that cook the two together.

Feminism ain't a farce, saluting women who fought for us

There's a growing tribe of women who rubbish feminism as "bra-burning nonsense" and prefer calling themselves "humanist, not feminist". But there is no denying the debt every woman owes to those who went before, writes Seema Goswami.

Vitamin D: the sunshine vitamin

Of all the nutrients our body needs, there's one that stands away from the crowd. Irrespective of how many greens you eat or how much fibre you intake, you still need more. And this nutrient is manufactured in the body itself, in the presence of sun light, writes Shikha Sharma.

Decoding the dress code leaders followed this election season

Seema Goswami tells us how some of the most high-profile candidates fared on style-o-meter as they presented themselves to the public and what they hoped to subliminally communicate by their wardrobe choices.

The healthier alternative: why going vegan is good

Vegetarianism is not just a food choice, it is a philosophy. For those who care about the harm their meals cause living beings, perhaps veganism is the way to go, writes Shikha Sharma.

Captain courage: the legend of CP Krishnan Nair

A former military officer who took early retirement, ventured into garment export business and made millions. Then, in his 60s, he decided to enter the hotel business and created the chain called Leela. Vir Sanghvi takes us through the phenomenal life of Captain CP Krishnan Nair.

Selfie Bible: cameraphones that show promise

In the second part of the Selfie Bible, Rajiv Makhni takes us through other contenders such as iPhone 5S, Nokia 1020 among others and apps that can improve a selfie.

Selfie bible: how to take the best selfies in the world

In a selfie-crazed world it helps to get some guidance. In a two-part series, Rajiv Makhni tells us the best camera and camera phones to take selfies, apps that can improve your selfie-taking abilities and more.
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