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Abu Dhabi's a capital choice

Forget Dubai, Abu Dhabi is the city that offers all that and more for the visiting foreigner. It has something for every kind of holidaymaker - beach bum, art enthusiast, history buff, adventure freak, music lover, even shopaholics

You are defined by the quiz you take

The internet is full of random quizzes that claim to identify your personality traits based on arbitrary questions. We think there are better ways of doing so. In fact, your choice of quizzes too can say so much about you!

Why good sleep is so vital

Open your eyes to the truth -- good sleep is essential for good health. Think of sleep as medicine. It’s the time the body produces hormones that heal the body, skin and mind, writes Shikha Sharma.

A love affair with Armenia

The tiny country which was once a part of Soviet Union prides itself for its stunning landscapes and rich history. Yet, little is known about it. Did you know that the Kardashian family originated from Armenia?

Why fitness trackers could be big game changers

Most fitness trackers will throw up numbers, but you would have absolutely no idea what to do next. The new trackers conquer that flaw by providing a human element to guide you, writes Rajiv Makhni.

Women who resist the tyranny of fashion

As that old cliché goes, fashions may change every season but style is eternal. Seema Goswami writes about women who have ignored the diktats of fashion, found their own style and stuck to it, come bell bottoms or high heels.

Mumbai’s new T2 terminal: A treat for your eyes

The brief given to artist Rajeev Sethi was to make people see India, not Dubai or Shanghai. When you enter T2, you think of a museum that holds more artifacts than any museum in India and is open 24x7.

Salman Khan will always be the hottest star in Bollywood: Raveena Tandon

The actor who started her career opposite Salman Khan with Patthar Ke Phool, is all set to make her Bollywood comeback with a small role in Bombay Velvet. Brunch catches up with ravishing Raveena as she talks about motherhood, Bollywood and more.

Obsessive cleanliness ain't good for you

Is that so? Research shows that a little dirt actually does us a lot of good; it makes us healthier, even smarter.

I'm not at all like Circuit, says actor Arshad Warsi

The actor who made a mark as the hilarious sidekick to Munnabhai opens up about his life, why he wants to work with Deepika Padukone in a romantic film and more.

Pran Kumar Sharma: meet the Walt Disney of India

Cartoonist Pran Kumar Sharma, the brain behind Chacha Chaudhary, one the most loved Indian comic characters, talks about how his character was a consciously created one, an antithesis to western heroes in looks and deeds.

I fought hard for the moustache, says Rangrasiya star Ashish Sharma

Romantic heroes are clean shaven or so the producers of new serial believed. But Ashish Sharma, the hot new hunk from Rangrasiya, always believed this character had to have a 'mooch' and had his way.

When second hand buy is actually first rate

Great deals, trustworthy sites and people only too happy to trade are taking the stigma out of shopping for used goods, writes Mignonne Dsouza.

I can't be a 'gaon ki gori' all the time, says Sonakshi Sinha

Feisty, fashionable and fitter than ever. Not the words you'd use for Sonakshi Sinha, right? Think again. The curvy, sari-clad village belle is in a makeover mood, says Amrah Ashraf.

Why India's the best country for stand up

We bring you a special anniversary issue, on the theme 'Look How We've Changed!' We asked writers to do a series of essays for us, chronicling these changes | India is the only country, where, we have enough things to be annoyed about and enough people to listen to our gripes on those things, writes Sorabh Pant.
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