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On the Brunch radar

Brunch loves the excitement around Apple's product launch event and shoves the buzz around the royal pregnancy. A pop-culture round-up of the week, and things that happened. There are no grey areas here. We either love it or shove it.

Why I will miss Poonam Pandey on Facebook

Brunch staffer Asad Ali has a soft spot for the weird. He is (still) lamenting the demise of Poonam Pandey's Facebook account.

How to pretend to be a lit pro for Facebook’s 10-book challenge

Because, you know, as long as you sound like you're well-read, nobody will be able to tell the difference.

Why Indian fashion designers are obsessed with weddings

The answer to this pertinent question is a four-letter word: C-A-S-H. The big fat Indian wedding is estimated to be worth Rs. 1,00,000 crore - and wedding apparel makes up Rs10,000 crore of that!

Biryani in your pizza is not just a sad story, it is a trend

From Mc Donald's Chipotle Wrap to KFC's Rice Bowlz, international fast food chains are costumising to the Indian food market like never before - the result is not always pretty.

Sonakshi's the only one at home who can say 'Khamosh': Shatrughan

Amitabh Bachchan's roles in Deewar and Sholay were first offered to him. He chose to enter politics while at the peak of his career. Actor Shatrughan Sinha talks of life and its regrets in an interview with Brunch.

The case of the vanishing Armenians

There are fewer than 100 Indian Armenians in Kolkata. They were once a prosperous community but their numbers have dwindled dradtically in half a century. Brunch brings you potraits from the past and the present.

On the Brunch radar

With much to like and dislike this week, Brunch gives a thumbs up to the 10 books list thing on Facebook, while shoves the implementation of alcohol prohibition in Kerala.

The French connect: A-listers who picked France to say ‘I do’

From Brangelina to Halle Berry, singer Avril Lavigne to basketball player Tony Parker, many celebs have taken the plunge in France. But how have the previous unions fared? Brunch report card.

Ganesh Chaturthi in films: Why Bollywood loves it

From getting killed (Agneepath) to getting discovered (ABCD), anything can happen during the Ganesh Chaturthi festival, as per to Hindi films.

The film versus digital photography debate rages on

Film photography is perceived as a dead art form, but some veterans remain optimistic about its future. While convenience is a major edge that digital enjoys over film, the latter does teach you discipline.

Nothing compares to barefoot running, says Milind Soman

When you run barefoot, trillions of responses happen at the same time as your body is exposed to various surfaces. It’s instinctive and the body has the ability to take care of itself, writes model Milind Soman.

Meet the Ittarati: The scent of nawabs has a new whiff

Ittar or attar is no longer about traditional strong fragrance. Today, it is being made to suit the modern world. The result is a fragrance that lingers on.

I've had marital problems in the past, but I am sorted now: Sonu Nigam

Hangover (Kick) and Yeh galat baat hai (Main Tera Hero) were originally sung by him. But because he became the face of the Copyright Act controversy, a music company decided to ban him. In an interview with Brunch, Sonu Nigam opens up about his life and music.

India's sexual revolution has begun, and nothing can stop it!

India's young, particularly its women, are challenging the old order and pushing for change. Despite an intense backlash, nothing can stop this revolution, writes Ira Trivedi.
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