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Films picked from the annals of dustbin, err history

We make close to 800 films every year. Some go on to make history while most sink without a trace. Here's picking some gems for our readers.

Sudarshan Shetty: the collector of untold stories

Fresh from a successful show in Delhi, installation artist Sudarshan Shetty tells HT Brunch how he is inspired by Bollywood and Bhakti poets.

The Punjabi in me loves using phrases like 'fitte muh': Gurinder Chadha

The Bend It Like Beckham director Gurinder Chadha talks of how she went up the stage once and hugged singer Bruce Springsteen and how the Punjabi in her can't help but use abuses at home.

Netas and their speeches

What does a politician really mean when he is handing out a sickening, sweet or sickeningly-sweet speech? Basically, what he means to say is, believe my words at your own risk. Some samples.

On The Brunch Radar

Amrah Ashraf loves the Game of Thrones Drinking Game but wants to remind HBO that Brunch did it first!

Candy Crush Saga effect: the addiction called mobile gaming

Whether or not Indian developers pull their games off the market for being addictive or not, mobile games will probably keep gamers addicted for a long time to come, writes Shreya Sethuraman.

Did you know intestines are also called the second brain?

Your intestines play a key role in your overall health, and not just the digestive process, writes Shikha Sharma.s

2 States: when Punjabis and Tamilians come together

Falling in love is the fun part. But after families meet, that is when all the confusion begins. As 2 States readies for release, we thought it would be fun to see what one community thinks of the other. Have fun!

Sari, Sindoor and Glycerine awards season 3: the good, the bad and the ugly

From Kapil Sharma's sexist comments which get him Babaji Ka Thullu award to Aankhon Ka Tara award which is reserved for Saurabh Jain (Krishna, Mahabharat), there's enough to tickle your funny bone. Read on.

The Mini Koffee awards: the dumb, the dumber, the dumbest

From IQ levels that could put a seven-year-old to shame to a few who actually impressed with their candid confessions, here's a new awards series to reward those stars who graced Koffee with Karan this season.

The Firangi Tadka awards: the whiny, the forever lost, the weird

Mercifully, these don't go on and on like the desi ones. But they aren't without their share of absurdities - from the most convoluted plot (Lost) to January Jones (Mad Men) for being a selfish cry baby. Check them out.

Can Samsung shrug off its 'cheap plastic' tag with Galaxy S5?

A one- year-old Chinese brand is competing with Samsung. Launched around the same time, Gionee's S5.5 gives stiff competition to Samsung's Galaxy S5. In part II of the smartphone series, Rajiv Makhni compares the two phones.

Basmati: an explosion of fragrance

Basmati is India's great contribution to the world of gastronomy. It is as delicious as truffles, foie gras or any of the so-called luxury ingredients you pay a bomb for, writes Vir Sanghvi.

Sexist underbelly of Indian politics

There's no dearth of incidents involving women candidates being subjected to sexist attacks. What's worrying is when not just men, but even women pull down other women, writes Seema Goswami.

An irreverent take on Elections 2014

As the world’s largest democratic exercise starts tomorrow, we bring you the action from the most colourful constituencies and candidates - all about the big guns, the big numbers, the celebrity politicians and more.
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