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Brunch masterlist of Twitter handles worth noting

We bring you the most interesting tweeters of our time who keep us informed and entertained within the character count and offer bits of wisdom that belie their restricted size

Brunch rain song playlist: vintage and the new go hand in hand

Renditions by Shubha Mudgal from albums to Lata Mangeshkar and Talat Mehmood from old Hindi films, here's a healthy mix of great rain songs. Now, all you need is some chai for company.

Monsoon special: chasing the rains in remote India

Abandon your city and its overwhelmed sewers this season. Go where you'll fall in love with the monsoon again. Brunch got a panel of four travel bloggers and photographers to show you the way.

I would've been a writer or journalist, if not an actor: Pallavi Sharda

Her most besharam moment was when she chucked her law firm job and came to Mumbai. What was worse: she half lied to her IITian parents that she was going to study in JNU. Brunch catches up with Besharam actor.

Indian Ocean is back with Tandanu

When its vocalist passed away and its founder quit, fans wondered what would become of Delhi's iconic folk rock band Indian Ocean. Wonder no more. Version 2 is a hit.

Celebs, Twitter and getting famous for nothing

We follow everybody worth following on Twitter. Here's what we learned from trawling through miles and miles of timelines. Warning: it's not all pretty.

An ode to Orkut: hunting ground for soulmates, fraandships and more

Google plans to kill it by September, apparently because it isn't doing well and that its other services have outpaced Orkut. This is old news now but it still hurts and here's why.

The kinds of people you'll see at a film festival

Walk into any film festival in India and you are likely to see people who will fit into some category or the other. While we hate stereotyping, there's no denying we all end up doing the same. Some examples.

The irresistible love for adult comedies

Despite the onslaught of stand-up comics and laughter channels, the genre of adult comedies in theatre is seeing a revival.

On the Brunch radar

We loved all the proposal videos with Bruno Mars’ Marry Me, but Priyanka Chopra’s Ask Me Anything on Reddit, oh, that was something we choose to stay mum on. Read on for the rest of what we loved and didn't this week.

What's with these lyrics?

We get nonsense lyrics. We may even enjoy them sometimes. But when they insist on matching falls to saris, one realizes how Bollywood is intent on murdering the dulcet quality we have come to associate with Hindi film lyrics over the years.

Monsoon special: damp-proof your style

You don't need to look purely utilitarian (read unexciting) this season in case you get wet. The trick is to identify the right outfit that can transition from summer wear to monsoon wear with ease.

Monsoon special: it's pouring, pass the grub

Something about the monsoon makes us hungry and self-indulgent. Why fight it? Just dig into the perfect snacks and chai.

Boycott restaurants that don't respect you

The possibility of good food, ambience and sheer demand is no reason for customers to take nonsense from restaurants. In sheer contrast to such places are chains like Sagar in Delhi and Soam in Mumbai, writes Vir Sanghvi.

Chubby is fine, let your child know that

Often children pick cues from the way elders behave in their presence. So, if your child refuses to eat a sinful chocolate cake, blame the bowl of salad you've been tucking in routinely, writes Seema Goswami.
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