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On the Brunch radar

We loved the HT Leadership Summit (25 brilliant minds under one roof *whistle*) but hate that the sale of loose cigarettes may soon be banned. Here's a round-up of things we loved and shoved this week.

The taste of live music

In India, we’ve always believed that food and music do mix. But is the golden age of live music at restaurants over, wonders Vir Sanghvi.

Faceless but famous

Pop culture is full of people who keep their identities secret so the focus is on their work. Who might they be?

App-solutely urgent

Indians are inventing all sorts of stuff. But imagine an app that blocks all messaging apps when you're drunk, or one which decodes slangs and acronyms. When will someone invent these apps?

Is Nokia bracing for a comeback with the Nokia N1 tablet?

It dominated the world to the point that almost everyone’s first phone was a Nokia; it then staged the greatest debacle as a brand. But don’t write off Nokia just yet, the once-popular phone brand is bracing for a comeback, writes Rajiv Makhni.

The dry-fruit advantage

They may be small, but they sure are a storehouse of healthy fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Make sure dry fruits like figs, apricots and others are a part of your diet, recommends Shikha Sharma.

Dipika Pallikal and I complement each other well: Dinesh Karthik

One of the most consistent wicketkeeper-batsmen in Indian domestic cricket, Dinesh Karthik talks about his inspiration, fitness fundas, personal style and his fiancee, squash player, Dipika Pallikal.

If it’s hard for you to remember a name, it’s also hard for you to forget a name: Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Austrian Oak, Arnold Schwarzenegger, talks about the roots of his resilience, and how he achieved the American dream.

Awesome new ideas for a better tomorrow

Life-saving gadgets, safer ways to travel, solutions for sanitation and cost-effective answers to everyday problems… India has a host of good ideas just waiting to explode. See what’s bubbling under.

Born to be fit

Are you a fitness snob? Or do you avoid the gym like the plague? Two new fitness regimes may convert you

On the Brunch radar

We loved Rohit Sharma's record one-day international (ODI) knock of 264 but hated Kill Dil. Here's a round-up of what we loved and shoved this week.

12 Books you can read quickly (part 2)

Five weeks till the end of the year – your deadline to read 24 books. Want to speed through? Read these...

If you want to express yourself, word your SMSes properly: Saif Ali Khan

After playing the sidekick and the second fiddle, today Saif Ali Khan has a rock-steady career with a marriage to match. The Nawab from The Happy Ending talks about commitment-phobia, the idea of romance, and relationships from a man’s perspective.

Pakistani cinema doesn't have the kind of standing Bollywood does: Mahira Khan

What impressed Mahira Khan, star of the popular Pakistani serial Humsafar, most on her trip to India? Was it Bollywood – or bhelpuri?

Tall order for short films

Given their format, it’s tough for short films to reach audiences. But filmmakers like Geethu Mohandas, Abhay Kumar and Gitanjali Rao continue to do interesting work within this space.
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