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Why you look like your mom, but are not her clone

Not only does your DNA determine how you look and how you choose, it can also help in how you heal. Our genetic code runs the body and determines a part of our thinking process, says Shikha Sharma.

Aankhon dekhi: TV journos on what it takes to cover elections and more

Two tough, experienced television journalists tell us what it takes to bring the elections to viewers (not from the studios), writes Poonam Saxena.

I would have loved to sing all the songs in Amar Prem: Abhijeet Bhattacharya

The Bollywood singer and judge of music reality shows chats up with Brunch. From Kanpur ki chaat to chartered accountancy, everything is on his radar.

Five ways to better your work-life balance

They will seem impossible to begin with but in time and with practice, these tips won't be hard to follow. Here's a simple guide to living a fuller life.

The gold lust: how not to smuggle it in

We totally stand united against gold smuggling. But, recently a man was arrested for hiding it in a flower pot. Seriously dude? Here are some other ways the gold bars will land you behind the bars.

On The Brunch Radar

We loved the fact that Gisele Bundchen was audited by the IRS after making it to the Forbes Supermodel Rich List. People acting surprised by Sunny Leone's acting abilities, is something we rather not comment on. Find out what we liked and didn't this week.

Naman Ahuja: meet the scholar gypsy

Art historian Naman Ahuja, the man behind the spectacular show on the Body in Indian Art at the National Museum, is a nomad at heart. Know the nerdy academician-curator who transforms into a party animal in the evening.

Parmesh Shahani, the renaissance man of Vikroli

Meet the man who is making culture cool and Vikroli hip. He is also getting global recognition for his work in Mumbai. Brunch interviews Parmesh Shahani.

Why Hay Festival is called 'Woodstock of the mind'

The literary festival takes place in a town called Hay-on-Wye in Wales, UK. That this quiant town should host the festival isn't surprising as it has, for long, been the mecca for bibliophiles and was the world's first book town.

What if your phone's battery never let you down

If you thought NoMo (No Mobile) was world's biggest phobia, think again. The new neurosis is BAD (Battery Almost Dead). Thankfully, the good news is that the nightmare of a dead phone battery is soon going to be over, writes Rajiv Makhni.

Sceptre of smartphone and work-life balance

Could you bear to switch off that smartphone; or are you too scared of missing out on that important work email? Let's admit it - staying away from smartphone, even for a couple of hours, makes us panic just a little, writes Seema Goswami.

Hong Kong and its romance with good food

In the last few years, Hong Kong seems to have become sedate. Less flashy than Shanghai, not so designer-label conscious, it even has a vaguely tasteful, old-money air about it, writes Vir Sanghvi.

How to dress up for pop culture's dystopian tomorrow

Depending on what you read or watch, we're either headed for war, totalitarian statehood, devolution, revolution or zombies. Come, see the sunniest visions of tomorrow and face them in style.

Love and life in urban ghettoes: Delhi IAS villages

Rajinder Nagar, Mukherjee Nagar... these urban ghettos are where thousands of starry-eyed IAS aspirants from all over India land feet first. Here, they spend most of their 20s pursuing the civil services dream. Meet some of Delhi's diehard IAS-wallahs.

Lights, camera, Andheri: the springboard of Bollywood strugglers

If you're a Bollywood hopeful, here's where to take the mahurat shot. Welcome to Andheri, the Mumbai suburb that is every struggler's springboard to Bollywood. After that, how you direct your life's film is up to you.
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