On the Brunch radar

Love it
1. When heartless, soulless colleagues bawl at Sachin’s speech #ThankYouSachin
2. Candice Swanepoel in that $10million Victoria’s Secret bra
3. The Google Reunion ad 
4. Improv Everywhere’s When Harry Met Sally In Real Life (The orgasm scene in the film? This is 20 women doing just that and in Katz’s Deli)
5. Shashi Tharoor hiding his paunch (

Shove it
1. That Krrish 3 became the highest grosser ever. (We love Hrithik and all, but seriously?)
2. Justin Bieber’s new ‘sensual’ song, PYD (that’s ‘put you down’ and er, all the way down. Okay, enough. Gross) 
3. Designer vaginas
4. Failing an online course 
5. Perfect couples and their relationship advice

From HT Brunch, November 24

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