On the Brunch radar

1. All those #100DaysofHappiness photos
2. When Tokyo’s envoy to London compared Beijing to Lord Voldemort
3. Watching Sholay on the big screen (and listening to all middle-aged people outside the movie theatre say, "Maine toh college mein, Sholay dus baar hall mein dekhi thi!")
3. When non-geeks understand science jokes
5. Masters of Sex

1. Bizarre New Year resolutions (an American woman ate and drank nothing but Starbucks for all of 2013)
2. Veena Malik making news
3. The idea of Salman Khan hosting a social causes show on TV (expected next year)
4. Candy Crush Saga requests on Facebook
5. Multiple birthday phone calls at midnight (unless of course there are none)

From HT Brunch, January 12
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