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Between APP

Love it
1. That is on Guardian’s list of best city blogs around the world
2. How a man shared his ‘wanted’ photo on Facebook and was arrested in less than an hour
3. That according to his genetic make up, the 7,000-year-old Mesolithic European hunter-gatherer had dark skin, blue eyes and black or brown hair
4. Looking through archives Aleph Book Company’s series of short biographies of cities

Shove it
1. If you thought Mahatma Gandhi was ever the Prime Minister of India (don’t snigger, watch TVFRecycleBin’s video, Mumbai v/s Delhi: Republic Day on YouTube)
2. People getting married at the Grammys: That there are literally no good film award ceremonies anymore
3. Apps for couples (I vouch for Couple, everybody else has just discovered Between)
4. Being scared of science

From HT Brunch, February 2
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