Celebs, Twitter and getting famous for nothing

  • Rachel Lopez, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Jul 12, 2014 17:56 IST

You can be famous and do nothing
with 6,76,000 followers, has posted only 7 tweets, all of which seem manufactured by a PR company

One FIFA goal equals 63,85,99,236 tweets on any timeline
Because, how else will you know what happened? And to find out who reacted first on Twitter, you don’t even need an action replay


India still cannot tell parody from the real thing, thank God!
Why else would so many bhakti, sanskriti types enthusiastically retweet the hilarious @KhapPanchayat?

Celebrities are just like us, even down to the mundane details
@TheFarahKhan yearned for Juhu when she was stuck en route to Bhandup
@PriyankaChopra loves bad jokes too: What did Jay Z call his girlfriend when they got engaged? His fèyonce!

There’s less self-righteous outrage on the site than we imagined
Note to self: stop following so many news people!

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