Could you make it as a Ninja Turtle?

  • Aparna Sundaresan, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Aug 23, 2014 18:21 IST

The four Ninja heroes are badass but also gloriously corny. Now, as Hollywood reboots the franchise with a new film - set to release in India this Friday - find out how nuts you are!

You just found some Ooze. What do you do with it?

(A) Hang on to it! I'll just be back with my petri dish!

(B) Not touch it, that's what. Ugh.

Some group called the Foot Clan is at the door. Would you let them in?
(A) A cult that wants to convert me? No, thank you.
(B) I never refuse a pedicure. How much do they charge?

"Shredder" makes you feel...
(A) Not cool, dude. Not cool.
(B) Cheese shredder… zester… lemon pie… now I'm hungry. What was the question again?

Would you live in New York City if it meant living underground?
(A) Absolutely! I'd live in a fridge. Or a cardboard box. It's NYC!
(B) My silk sheets in sewers? Nah!

Would you take advice from a rat in a sewer?
(A) Rats are great guides: "To go right, first go left"
(B) Advice on what? Dining options in the garbage?

On a scale of 'What the shell!' to 'Cowabunga!' how inclined are you to learn Ninjutsu?
(A) Cowabunga!
(B) Cowa-what?

What is your stance on pizza?
(B) Ehh… it's all right

Mostly As:
You were born to be a corny superhero. Go forth and mutate.
Mostly Bs: You're too stiff-upper-lipped for this nonsense. Adjust your monocle, sip your wine, continue with your life.
It's a tie! On the fence, eh? You know what happens to turtles on the fence? They're so easy to tip over.... Hahahaha!

From HT Brunch, August 24
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