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Films picked from the annals of dustbin, err history

We make close to 800 films every year. Some go on to make history while most sink without a trace. Here's picking some gems for our readers.

brunch Updated: Apr 12, 2014 20:21 IST
Shaoli Rudra

We make 800 films every year. Here are some epic films that you may so far be anjaan about

Good Boy Bad Boy

When Tusshar Kapoor's good-boy avatar Rajan Malhotra must deal with Emraan 'Serial Kisser' Hashmi's bad boy Raju Malhotra, it's time to settle down with the popcorn. Bad tries to be good and good to be bad… the originality is mindblowing!

And like all great stories, there is a great lesson to be learnt. In the words of Principal Paresh Rawal: "There is nothing like good boy or bad boy. They are all smart bwoys." Ooooof… maar dala.

Ghar Mein Ho Saali To Pura Saal Diwali, it's not a movie name they made up just for Dumb Charades!

Edited and directed by the very uniquely named Pappu Sharma, it's a tragic love triangle between a touch-me-not wife, her let-me-seduce-my-jijaji sister and well, the husband/jijaji. It may be 'B' grade but epic doesn't even begin to cover this.

Oh and the film starts with the chartbuster Kya hai gori maajra? Tere kamar se phisle ghagra...

Zulm Ki Hukumat mat karna if anyone tells you that Sarkar was our first Godfather remake. Before that we had Dharmendra Brando and Govinda Pacino.

This classic 'main apne bhai ka badla loonga' saga is a must-watch, especially since the third desi Corleone, aka Kohli brother, is played by Shakti Kapoor.

Yes, you are expected to believe ki Dharamji, Chi Chi and Crime Master Gogo are brothers from the same mother. Need we say more?

U R My Jaan, rich tycoon from NYC. Show me the $$$. You, middle-class wannabe actress. We in luv. Choose between $ n <3. Shits!


This movie features some of the best overacting you will ever witness. Incidentally, this movie also has THE song that inspired Rebecca Black to come up with Friday."It's 6am. I love you mom. I'll have some cornflakes. Mujhe milega dum." You got nothing on Sonu, Rebecaa, nothing!

Naach Govinda Naach

Govinda plays Govinda, an aspiring dancer. Fooled you with the title, na? He's always in the middle of dance offs with arch nemesis Rocky (reigning champion of dance, of course) to collect money for his boodhi maa.

Govinda is clearly good at multi-tasking (and just like all of Bollywood says, so good at heart, you know!). We think the Sarkar title track Govinda Govindaaaaaaa… might have been better used in this movie.

Ek Tha Raja

Sunil Shetty, Aditya Pancholi and Saif Ali Khan are trying to kill/get rid of their papa. Isme drama hai, suspense hai, emotion hai… aur isme Alok Nath hai and he's not Babuji. Oh the horror! #Sanskar

Wajahh: A Reason to kill Khan, Gracy Singh and Shamita Shetty’s combined acting prowess gave us this award-winning film. Seriously, it won an award! Plot: someone is trying to bump Dr Aditya Bhargava’s wife off. Kon hai woh?

PS: It is the winner of the ‘When did this come out?’ category at the 2009 Golden Kela Awards. Applause.

PS: Watching these films may be hazardous to your health. Sometimes Bollywood can cause irreparable damage to your mental health. Brunch does not take any responsibility for any damage to your sanity

From HT Brunch, April 13

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