Get ready for the Diwali detox

  • Shikha Sharma, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Oct 24, 2014 16:26 IST

For most of us, the festival of lights is also the festival of food. In the run up to Diwali, we tend to over-eat and over-drink, creating an acidic imbalance in our digestive systems. Here is a three-day post-Diwali detox plan based on ayurvedic principles.

Day 1

Morning: Lukewarm water with half a tsp honey and lemon juice. Follow with a decoction of ginger with tulsi leaves and cinnamon.
Breakfast: Eat fruit, not dairy and cereals.
Mid-morning: Green/herbal tea.
Lunch: Two bowls of spinach soup with a little turmeric.
Dinner: Potato and pea soup.
Bedtime: A tsp of triphala and wheat bran with water.
Plus: An ayurvedic body massage with medicated oils (Abhyanga), followed by steam.

Day 2
The same schedule as Day 1. Plus, two glasses of coconut water and one glass each of wheat grass and aloe vera juice.
Bedtime: One tsp of triphala mixed with water and half a tsp of wheat bran.
Plus: Abhyanga and steam.

Day 3
: A ginger decoction with honey.
Lunch: Two bowls of spinach and corn soup.
Teatime: Green tea or a tulsi decoction.
Dinner: Rice khichri with a tsp of organic ghee. Avoid curd and pickles.
Plus: Abhyanga followed by steam.

*Triphala: Makes the intestine alkaline and flushes toxins.
* Ginger: Helps the liver cleanse itself.
* Tulsi: A powerful detoxifier.
* Cinnamon: Balances insulin and cleanses the intestine.
* Turmeric: Helps detoxify and heal the liver and intestine.
* Spinach soup: Helps release gas from the intestine.
* Aloe vera and wheat grass: Aloe cleans the liver and intestine; wheat grass cleans blood.
* Coconut water: Balances excess pitta in the liver.
* Fruit: Provides B vitamins.
* Rice khichri: Calms tummies.
* Ghee: Cleanses fat-soluble toxins from the intestine.

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