How to decode the 'Games Girls Play'

  • Aastha Atray Banan, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Apr 07, 2015 18:47 IST

So, I have written a book called Games Girls Play and it’s on the shelves now! It’s all about two girls, complete opposites of each other, finding love in Mumbai. My working title was actually, “The Prude and the Promiscuous”!

While they find love with men who they never thought they could fall for, they also become besties, despite their differences. But what are the games girls play with each other, or with the men in their lives? Here’s what my book says:

* They hate each other’s choice in men, but are there when that bad boy in your life dumps you.

* Theylose all perspective and filter when they fall in love. Sigh!

* If they’re your besties, they may compete with you, but also flaunt your achievements (except when you lose weight).

* They may want a gentleman who asks their advice about everything, but sometimes, they love a man who takes charge.

* The coy ones also love sex. Yes, yes, yes!

From HT Brunch, November 9
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