I'd like to date Russel Brand, seems like a fun guy: Nargis Fakhri

  • Veenu Singh, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Jun 06, 2014 18:37 IST

Actor Nargis Fakhri is a quite a summer babe. She loves them as one gets to wear sundresses. But she ensures that skin and hair issues are all sorted. Some of her tips are really simple.

What is the best thing about summer?
I love sunny days because I can go to the beach and wear my sundresses.

How many litres of water do you drink?
I make sure I drink at least two litres of water a day and have coconut water as well. I stay away from sodas and juices because they contain added sugar.

The biggest skincare issue for you in summer.
Sometimes, too much sweating makes my skin break out. And if I am in the sun for too long, then I get tiny pimples.

So how do you tackle it?
I make sure that I cleanse and tone regularly. I also use a light moisturiser for summer days and wear sunscreen. I also wear hats to protect myself.

How do you protect your hair?
For my hair, I follow a 20-minute deep conditioning treatment with warm coconut-based hair oil. It is a great conditioner and also protects my hair from the blazing heat, keeping it from becoming dry and rough.

Cosmetics you avoid in the heat.
I avoid using a heavy base as it clogs the skin. I try to go bare, if I can. I restrict my make-up to a cream blush and mascara.


How do you ensure that you smell good in this clammy heat?
I shower every day. That's just basic. I also ensure that I use a body wash that helps to kill bacteria. And I mostly use organic deodorants or even apple cider vinegar. Before stepping out of the house, I usually splash some body spray or long-lasting perfume on myself. I also carry a perfume with me.

Where would you love to go for a holiday, a beach or the mountains?
Both. I love nature too much.

Your favourite songs for the hot months ahead.
Any dance music, club, house, deep electro. Anything that makes me want to dance.

The movies you love to watch.
I enjoy watching light, fun, romantic comedies.

Your favourite summer memory from your childhood.
Living in Brno [in the Czech Republic] for two months at the age of 10 with my mom, sister and grandmom.

A secret beauty tip that works like magic.
Use milk and lemon on your face. It lightens blemishes and tightens the pores too.

A hairstyle you love to sport.
I love to tie my hair in a ponytail.

The perfume you wear.
Versace Bright Crystal

A hot guy you would love to date.
Russel Brand, as he seems like a fun guy.


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