Indian stereotypes which are so not true

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  • Updated: May 08, 2015 19:37 IST

The one thing that annoys us on trips abroad is how foreigners seem to have strange misconceptions about Indians. They think we’re regressive, conservative, dull and whatnot. We don’t appreciate the stereotypes. (Nobody has yet accused us of being sensitive). Here goes: Indians travel to work/school by elephants or bullock carts

Fact: The Delhi Metro beats London’s Tube and New York’s Subway hands down in efficiency, hygiene, pricing and comfort.

Stereotype: All Indians are religious
Fact: Not all of us start our day with flowers, incense and prayers. But our politics is rooted in religion.

Stereotype: The big fat Indian wedding No, we certainly don’t all get married in palaces. Well, not unless we’re marrying Liz Hurley.

Stereotype: Indians are technological wizkids
Fact: We can’t get our own printers to work, and it’s not like we can call a helpline that’s outsourced to a “Richard” or “Ryan”.

Stereotype: We all find spouses through arranged marriages
Fact: We also do Tinder. We meet people in bars. We live together before marriage. We have sex before marriage. We get divorced.

Stereotype: All Indian women look good/sensuous/grown-up in saris.

Fact: Some of us curveless ones look like grasshoppers! But we still look better than Westerners who have no clue how blouse should fit or a drape should fall.

Stereotype: All Indians are vegeterians
Fact: It’s true for fewer than half of us. Some of us worship the cow and eat it too. But we never said that before because beef jokes are strictly banned.

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