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It's not an Indian wedding without...

Indian weddings are known for their bling and taam-jhaam. But what are those unique little things that you'd only find in a shaadi?

brunch Updated: Nov 18, 2013 18:21 IST

Friends or family singing either of the following songs:
"Aaj mere yaar ki shaadi hai!"
"Another one bites the dust"

Shiny decked-up aunties dancing with the baaraat, with their equally shiny purses tucked into their armpits.

Someone coming to you and asking you, "Do you have safety-pins?"

One child crying loudly through the ceremonies.

People matchmaking furiously, so there can be another wedding.

Friends planting alarm clocks in the room where the bridal couple is staying the night.

Kids eating marigolds.

Someone saying, "Ab tumhari line clear ho gayi!"

The NRI branch of the family looking more Indian than the Indian branch of the family.

"Arre who has the rings??"

One funny uncle getting very drunk and doing strange moves on the dance floor.

The photographer zooming in on people eating.(And people posing for the video camera like it’s a still camera)

"Arre, pandit ji, jaldi karo na!"

The same little kids being the first, and the last on the dance floor!

One chachaji who is perpetually cheesed off.

Someone saying, "Humein chai ke liye nahi poocha?"

Blouses never being ironed on time.

Both parties secretly believing that they are superior to the other side. “At least we have culture”

Relatives embarrassing the couple with very strange sex talk. “Kyun? Abhi se hi thak gaye? Heh Heh”

People who change into comfy casuals before the pheras.

One elderly female relative who’s asked to guard all the bags.

From HT Brunch, November 17

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