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Kill all the fat forever this year

Yes, I know – it was a rocking party, you got spread-eagled-on-the-floor drunk, you hugged and kissed everyone (including some you shouldn’t have), you Gangnam-ed as well as Yo Yo Honey Singh-ed yourself nearly...

brunch Updated: Jan 05, 2013 19:11 IST
Rajiv Makhni

Yes, I know – it was a rocking party, you got spread-eagled-on-the-floor drunk, you hugged and kissed everyone (including some you shouldn’t have), you Gangnam-ed as well as Yo Yo Honey Singh-ed yourself nearly to death all night and you finally staggered back home at seven in the morning. WooHoo, what an amazing start to 2013! And yes, I also know that late in the afternoon on the first day of 2013 you looked down at your stomach and saw the fat quiver, shake and dance all on its own. And just like you did in the last five years – you took an oath to lose weight and get really ripped and fit this year. Well, I’m going to help you actually do that with the most amazing fitness devices that are about to roll out in 2013. Time for that fat on your stomach to quiver and shake all over again – but this time in terror – as it’s time to kill it forever!

Basis Band
The first device takes fitness tracking from dumb to highly interactive and can do things no other tracker can. It can constantly
measure your heart rate, skin and body temperature, galvanic skin response as well as your deep sleep patterns. It will automatically upload calories burnt, hours slept and steps taken. The big deal of course is that it measures your heart rate throughout the day, including when you work out and run. Should be with you soon as it’s already on pre-order.

Valencell V-LINC Earbuds
This goes under the category of why-didn’t-I-think-of-this-before. Your inner ear is a great place to measure heart rate and yet you’re wasting it by using it only to hear music when on a run. Taking a cue from that, these ear buds give you thumping music plus
measure heart rate, respiration rate, energy expenditure, speed, distance and a lot more. Coming in March 2013.

Iqua Beat
The Iqua also follows the Valencell in-ear model but takes it a notch higher. These stereo earphones are Bluetooth-enabled and also capable of tracking your heart rate, distance and calorie consumption. The big difference is that this one works a bit like a personal
trainer as it give you real-time audio feedback and an analysis of your workout. Also out in March 2013.

Vest-ed interests: A compression vest fitted with multiple micro electronic sensors detects precise medical level biometrics

Lark Life

This may be the greatest breakthrough in wearable tech. This band is sensitive enough to record small little micro-movements as well as hard core exercise routines to precisely track your actual daily activity. It also tells you the optimum time to eat and how much to eat based on a given day’s activity. It gives you warnings of being sedentary for too long and pushes you to take a walk or a run. But it’s in the sleep department that it goes into hyper mode. It monitors your circadian rhythm to advise the best time to sleep and uses the principles of actigraphy – which is the most proven way to get deep and sound sleep. It also functions as a silent clock that will wake you up at the perfect time to avoid grogginess. Available now.

Camelbak All Clear

Out for a long run, trekking or backpacking and not sure of the quality of water? The CamelBak All Clear water purifier bottle uses UV light to neutralise viruses, bacteria and protozoa in water and give you pure drinking water from anywhere. Fill the bottle with water, shake it and the LCD screen on the All Clear purifier cap verifies the success of the treatment. The

bottle operates on a built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery and a fully charged battery provides 80 full bottles of water. Out now.

Band together: The Lark Life band tells you the proper time and proper amount to eat

Under Armour E39

You may have seen many Olympic athletes wearing it, now you can own this space-age technology too. The Under Armour compression vest is outfitted with multiple micro electronic sensors that detect very precise medical level biometrics like an

athlete’s heart rate, breathing rate, acceleration, body positioning, motion and senses, and analyses and transmits all this in real time. Information that is this detailed can give you a perfect strategic plan to improve your workouts and fitness. Out in mid-2013.

Philips Golite Blu

The Philips Golite Blu is perfect in winter, for those who work a lot indoors, travel a lot by air and to give you super doses of

vitamin D without the harmful exposure to the sun. It produces a special blue light to mimic a summer sky which is known to increase energy levels, fight winter blues and even help people recover from jet lag. You only need to use it for 15 to 20 minutes a day to feel the full effects and get totally recharged. And it’s small enough for you to carry with you wherever you want. Athletes have used it as a super charger just before an event. Out now.

And we’ve only just got started with all the tech goodies 2013 is going to have for us. Up next is CES 2013 (the greatest consumer electronics show in the world) where you are going to get a ringside view of all the tech that you’ll be using and lusting for all through the year. The CES yummy treats start from next week with a curtain raiser.

Rajiv Makhni is managing editor, Technology, NDTV and the anchor of Gadget Guru, Cell Guru and Newsnet 3. Follow Rajiv on Twitter at

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