Little challenges for the #BrunchBookChallenge

  • Team Brunch, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: May 01, 2015 19:31 IST

It’s so good to see all of you tweeting about your reading progress. We’re very impressed. And we’d like to know a little more.

You don’t have to do this, of course. But it would be super – and so much fun – if you did! We’ve put together some ideas for reading-related things you can do. The Brunch team is doing all of these too.

* Post a photo of your favourite book place: a bookstore, a library or your favourite reading corner
* Rearrange your bookshelf. Dust it, clean it and organize it. Sort the books by colour, by size or by genre. Take a picture.
* Read a book in a regional language.
* Introduce a non-reader to books (this is the hardest thing to do, but it can also be the best feeling ever).
* Make sure you send us some evidence! A photo or an anecdote. We will too! You know where to find us!

From HT Brunch, May 3
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