Louis’ journey in Suits doesn’t even come close to mine: Rick Hoffman

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  • Updated: Aug 06, 2016 21:32 IST
Louis and Harvey’s relationship has really evolved and it has caught up to the respect he has for Jessica. (Nigel Parry/USA Network)

The sixth season of one of our favourite courtroom dramas Suits is now on. Harvey and Mike, the heroes of the show, are busy attempting prison break – legally, of course! So we caught up with Rick Hoffman instead, and pitched him against his own character – the underdog and extremely lovable-hateable Louis Litt. This ensued:

From waiting tables to get through the auditions to your first role as a security guard to your star role as a lawyer, you’ve come a long way as an actor. Your real life career seems as eventful as Louis’ has been on the show...

Louis’ journey doesn’t even come close to my own! I came to Los Angeles in 1992, and let’s just say, to want to be an actor, you have to be a little crazy, since there’s a high risk that it may never happen and you will definitely struggle. You can only imagine the ridiculous characters you will encounter throughout the process in Los Angeles – many of whom are discouraging and demoralising. That said, the rewards are wonderful and definitely worth it.

Louis is one of the best lawyers at the firm, he’s shrewd and highly ambitious. He has goofed up several times and isn’t always given his due. Yet he has several redeeming qualities about him. Louis is a character you love and hate. Answer this as Louis Litt first and then as Rick Hoffman: what has been Louis’ biggest undoing on the show? And if you could change one thing about his character, what would that be?

(As Louis): From a work perspective, my biggest undoing was signing the papers with Forstman and jeopardising Harvey, the firm and myself. And if I could change one thing about myself? I’d go mudding more often – I don’t mud enough!

(As Rick): Louis’ biggest undoing was letting his insecurities get in the way and misjudging Mike.

And if I could change one thing about Louis? There aren’t enough hours in the day to answer that question!

Between Harvey and Jessica, who do you love-hate more? And why?

I think the answer now is very different from what it was before. Now, it’s a big tie as the relationships have grown throughout the seasons. Louis and Harvey’s relationship has really evolved and it has caught up to the respect he has for Jessica. So in a way, both Harvey and Jessica are at par now.

Do you have a Donna in real life? If yes, give me details - who is she, how long have you been friends, what level of Donna is she?

This is such a good question! I would say if I have a Donna in real life, it would be my ex-partner, Rebecca, who I have a son with. She’s my best friend, is unbelievably insightful, and a fair, honest person. So Donna!

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