Make way for the first 11-year-old Indian, to be part of the Vienna Boys’ Choir

  • Aasheesh Sharma
  • Updated: Oct 18, 2016 23:49 IST

Meet 11-year-old Rishan Bhatnagar - the only Indian to be part of the 500-year-old Vienna Boys’ Choir based in the Austrian capital. The choir has been the cradle for the creativity of such iconic composers as Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Schubert and Haydn.

When not in Vienna, Bhatnagar travels all over the world for live performances. He went on an Asian tour last year, performing in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. Last year he spent his birthday in China and this year it was spent in Spain.

Brunch brings you an exclusive video interview with the child prodigy talking about how this boy from Gurugram developed an interest in Western Classical music and how he’s enjoying his stay as a student at the Augarten Palais, which houses the Vienna Boys Choir.

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