Meet the desi supernatural characters

  • Indra Shekhar Singh, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Oct 31, 2014 14:04 IST and werewolves are well and good. But we’d like to re-introduce the desi supernatural characters. Please to meet

Bhoot (Ghost)
In white clothes, lurking on treesSkills: Can morph into animals and humans. Casts no shadow, speaks with a nasal twang
Back story: They are fragments of people who had violent deaths, have unfinished matter or “improper” funerals
Will it kill you: Aim to frighten more than kill
Antidote: Iron, holy water, burnt turmeric

Chudail (Witch)

Twisted feet, claw-like hands, potbelly, unkempt hair

Skills: Transforms into sirens and drinks men’s blood/semen

Back story: Women who die in childbirth or of ritual impurity it kill you: May not kill you, but will suck your virility and leave you aged

Antidote: Sprinkle millet seeds before her, make her count them

Pishacha (Flesh-eating demon)
Dark, with bulging veins and big red eyes
Skills: Invisibility, can possess people and alter their thoughts
Back story: Were created by Brahma
Will it kill you: 100 per cent. Have a fondness for human ‘nahri’
Antidote: A special puja at certain festivals

Pret (Starving ghosts)
Human-like, with sunken skin, thin neck and limbs, big belly
Skills: Magic
Back story: A result of bad karma in previous life
Will it kill you: Can manipulate us temporarily Antidote: Buddhist traditions pity them and monks pray for their release (Sort of vampire)

Like a monstrous bat or emaciated corpse

Skills: Possesses dead bodies

Back story: Hostile spirits stuck between life and afterlife

Will it kill you: 90 per cent. Can cause insanity or kill kids

Antidote: Stay away from haunted rural countryside at night

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